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Are you ready

to fall in love with your gorgeous new low-maintenance hair color

- served up with an amazing experience?

So you want to love your cut & color, But maybe:

- You haven't found a stylist that makes you feel genuinely listened to and understood

- You don't want to have to commit to an appointment every 4-6 weeks

- You haven't been educated on how to style and take care of your hair in a way that suits your busy lifestyle

But by:

Committing to a stylist that has built their business and techniques around low maintenance, lived-in color, you'll be in the hands of someone with the solutions to all of the things holding you back from loving your hair color all the time.

I am so excited that you are here, our journey together all starts with you looking at the new guest services down below to determine which one works best for you. If you aren't sure which service to book please feel free to fill out my new guest digital consult. My online booking is only open 90 days at a time! 


I totally get it...

You and I both know that seeing a new stylist can feel extra awkward, so allow me to break the ice and settle any nerves.

I don't cut corners when it comes to consultations. When you first come to see me we will talk about all of the things that you love, don't love, and are just kind of feeling 'meh' about regarding your hair. Once I feel like we are fully on the same page and have a solid game plan I will set you up with a White Claw and your pick of the snacks and start painting away!


I'm an ultra-perfectionist so you can fully expect an on point, seamless color when you leave my studio. I will always set you up for success at each appointment with at-home care recommendations, a suggested maintenance timeline, and my favorite styling tips!


Let's begin your hair journey

Here's How You Can Get Started:

1. Confidence

Click here  to view my services page so you can review what each service package includes and to get an idea of what your investment could look like.

2. Book your appointment

3. Get excited!

Cue the cheers you're now ready for your appointment! I cannot wait to meet you and turn your hair dreams into reality. 

We will conclude our time together going over any styling tips or product recommendations. You will be given the option to prebook if that best fits your needs or you can utilize my booking system when you are ready for your next visit. You can expect a follow up message later on to ensure that you are loving your new style and address any questions/concerns you might have.

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