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Meet Kristen: Inner_about

Hi beautiful!


I'm Kristen and I have been a stylist since 2013.

From the time I was a little girl I knew I wanted to become a cosmetologist. I would grab foil from the kitchen and highlighters from the family desk and add highlights into my barbie's hair. 

I geek out daily over coloring hair. Specifically, the highlighting and toning process. There are literally hundreds of ways to approach one single outcome which keeps me always wanting to try new techniques/methods. 

Every time you visit me there is a strong chance that I will pitch a cool new technique or beautiful toner formula that I've come up with.



On the weekends you will likely see story posts of all sorts of wild new recipes that my husband and I are trying. We absolutely love cooking and baking together! When Austin, our son and I are not cooking together, you will see us watching the Vikings, Wild of Twins play. We love to spend time together with our cat Olaf, along with much needed quality time with our family. 

I will always try to keep things fresh and  new for both of us!

I'm the definition of a hair nerd.


See you soon!
xo Kristen

It's nice to meet you!

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